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How To Prepare Funny Maid Of Honor Speech

A funny maid of honor speech is a special moment for you to express your love and admiration for the bride-to-be. But you don’t want your speech to be too serious or long—especially if it will be given during a wedding reception.

1. Start by brainstorming some ideas for your speech. Write down funny anecdotes, memories, and any other stories that you think will make the audience laugh.

2. Consider all of the qualities that make the bride special to you–from her sense of humor to her hobbies and interests–and use these things as inspiration in your speech.

3. Write down a few funny jokes and puns that you think will get the bride (and guests) laughing. But be careful not to make any off-color jokes or insults!

4. Personalize your speech by adding details and special moments between you and the bride—this helps to make it more meaningful.

5. Practice your speech several times until you feel comfortable with the delivery and timing. This will also help in avoiding any awkward pauses or stumbles during the actual speech.

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