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How To Choose Sweater Knit Fabric?

When selecting a sweater knit fabric, it is crucial to consider the fabric’s weight, drape, and stretch. Heavier fabrics are warmer and have more body, while lighter fabrics are more relaxed and have less body. Drape refers to how well the fabric hangs from the body, with a good drape falling in soft folds. Stretch refers to how much the material will stretch along the grain before it snaps back into place. Consider your intended use for the sweater knit fabric and choose accordingly.

If you are looking for a heavy winter sweater, select a heavyweight knit fabric with a good drape and stretch. If you are looking for a light spring sweater, choose a lightweight knit fabric with little or no stretch. Always test a small piece of knit fabric before purchasing a large quantity, as the drape and stretch can vary from fabric to fabric. You can select the perfect sweater knit fabric for your next project with a little consideration!

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