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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Garage Door Spring?

If you own a garage, you know the importance of a functioning door. It protects your vehicles and goods and provides security for your home. But what if one day, you push the button to open it and nothing happens? It could be due to a broken garage door spring.

Garage door spring replacement cost can vary depending on many factors. The type of spring, the weight of your door and the professional you choose to install it can all impact the price. On average, it can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 for a single spring or $300 to $600 for two springs.

While it may seem costly, it’s important to hire a professional to install the replacement springs. Garage door springs are under a lot of tension, and improper installation can lead to serious injury or even death. It’s better to spend a little more money to ensure it’s done right.

Keep in mind that replacing one spring may lead to needing the other to be replaced soon after. It’s also worth considering upgrading to a higher quality spring, which can save you money in the long run by lasting longer and needing less maintenance.

The garage door spring replacement cost may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it’s a crucial part of maintaining a functional and safe garage door. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you suspect your springs may be in need of replacement.

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