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How Does Movie Ticket Barcode Work?

A movie ticket has a barcode that is scanned at the box office when you purchase one. Movie Ticket Barcode contains information regarding what movie, theater, showtime, and seat you’re buying. The scanner then communicates with your credit card company to confirm payment for your order.

If you purchase tickets online or via an app, you still use barcodes to verify your purchases. However, instead of using authentic barcodes on physical tickets, these are usually in PDF form and can be printed out. They can also be shown on screen in some instances where your device will scan them with its camera function instead of swiping them as real-life barcodes would work with a normal credit card reader.

These scans only go one way, though. The code on the ticket never sends information back to the point of purchase. Also, these codes are static—they can’t change depending on when they’re scanned or who’s using them.

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