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Protecting Those Palms: Tips for Gymnasts’ Hand Care

Gymnasts often put their hands through a lot. From countless hours of training to rigorous competition routines, it’s no wonder that their palms can become worn out and sore. But with proper gymnast hand care, it is possible to keep those palms in top condition.

One of the most important things gymnasts can do to care for their hands is to use grips. Grips are leather straps that cover the palms of the hands, protecting them from the constant friction of gripping and swinging on uneven bars, for example. It’s crucial to find the right grips that fit comfortably and securely because ill-fitting grips can do more harm than good.

Another aspect of hand care for gymnasts is to keep the skin moisturized. While calluses can be beneficial for protecting the palms, it’s also important to treat dry and cracked skin. Using a moisturizer daily and applying a balm before bed can help maintain soft and supple skin.

During training or after a competition, it’s essential to take time to cool down properly. Stretching not only helps prevent injury but promotes blood circulation and can help relieve soreness. Additionally, soaking the hands in warm water or using a heating pad can also provide relief after a long day in the gym.

Gymnast hand care is crucial to maintain healthy and strong hands. Proper use of grips, moisturizing, cooling down, and stretching can help alleviate soreness, prevent injury, and keep those palms protected.

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