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Getting Your Company Website Noticed By Potential Customers

When you have had a website built, and you want it to reach potential customers for your services or products, you will need to do some digital marketing. No matter what industry you are in, you will have competition, and if you want to beat them, marketing your website is an excellent way to move it up the organic listings of the search engines and increase traffic to your site. Below are some tips for doing this, which will help you to get started and also give you an idea of what is required.

Getting Your Onsite Right

Onsite work refers to changes made to your website that helps to bring it in line with the recommendations from the search engines, and can have a significant impact on your sites visibility. Typical onsite fixes may be;

  • Optimising Page Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • Adding Image Alt Tag Attributes To Images On Your Site
  • Updating The Content On Your Site
  • Changing The Navigation On Your Site
  • Adding Additional Landing Pages
  • Installing Redirects Correctly

There may be a lot of this that you can do yourself, especially if you have the expertise to do so, but for many companies, they require assistance with this. When it comes to SEO, Shrewsbury has no better digital agency than Digivark, who have the experience and expertise to fix all onsite issues and help to get your website ranking.

Link Building

The more competitive your industry, the more link building you will have to do, and this can be a time-consuming task so is something that is often outsourced, even by large organisations. To create a link, you will need to write content that includes one of your chosen keywords and a hyperlink to the relevant page on your site. You will then need to find a suitable website to publish your content, and when it has gone live, you will now have a link. It is a question of quality over quantity, so you will need to select websites to publish your content carefully.

Local, National, Or International SEO

An important factor of SEO for your site is where your target audience is, and whether you are looking for local business, business from across the country, or international business. Your target market will affect your keyword selection, and you can often find that getting found locally can be much simpler and cheaper than having a national or international marketing campaign.

Adapt & Change

When it comes to SEO, it is not a science, and you can often find that larger entities can get away with breaking guidelines and rules that would see smaller companies getting penalised. You will need to be prepared to do trials with your techniques and adapt them to get the best results for your business. The rules also change regularly, so you will also need to keep up to date with the latest industry developments, and an excellent way to do this is to find a company to partner with that specialises in high-quality digital marketing.

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