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Forced Degradation: What You Need To Know

The Forced Degradation of a product is when the manufacturer intentionally reduces the quality of a product for sales purposes. It can happen in many different ways, and it’s important to be aware that this practice does not just apply to tangible products. This blog post will provide you with three supporting points and then detail Forced Degradation in general.

1) Forced degradation may occur when manufacturers lower the durability or reliability of their products, so they break faster than expected.

2) It may occur when manufacturers damage goods during manufacturing, which requires consumers to buy replacements sooner than planned.

3) It may also happen because companies make product changes without informing customers beforehand, such as removing features from software or hardware.

The Forced Degradation practice does not just apply to tangible products. It starts with selecting which functions are important for the network and then systematically removing them, one at a time.

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