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Dining Etiquette: What You Need To Know

Formal dining etiquette can be confusing, especially for people not used to formal occasions. Many rules seem arbitrary and outdated, but it is essential to follow them if you want to make a good impression.

What should I know about this?

Here are some key guidelines to keep in mind when dining at a formal event:

1. Always be punctual. This is one of the most important formal dining etiquette rules, as it shows respect for your hosts and other guests. If you are running late, make sure to call ahead to inform them that you will be delayed.

2. When entering the dining room, always wait for everyone else to be seated before taking your seat yourself. It would help if you also waited for everyone else to begin eating before you do so yourself.

3. Maintain good posture throughout the meal and avoid slouching or fidgeting with your cutlery or other utensils. Instead, focus on how you hold your body and keep your movements deliberate yet relaxed.

4. Be mindful of your table manners at all times. This means you should avoid talking with your mouth full, slurping your soup or any other type of food, and placing utensils on the table while you are still eating. Additionally, always ask before taking seconds or thirds, and never pile your plate high with food.

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