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Configuration Management: The Essentials

Configuration Management is the process of managing changes to computer hardware, software, firmware, and documentation. It can be done at many levels with different degrees of formality. These systems are used to manage change in organizations that have complex or large-scale technology environments. Configuration management is a key aspect of the information technology infrastructure Library Service Definition (ITIL) framework. Configuration managers ensure that all resources are consistent by matching their respective policies and procedures; this helps maintain availability for an organization’s applications and services while also ensuring regulatory compliance.

Configuration Management should be implemented early in the IT life cycle because it can help prevent costly errors from happening later down the line when it is more difficult to implement.
A Configuration Management Plan should be put in place as soon as possible. There is a plan laid out of what will happen when something goes wrong with an application or service and how it can be resolved quickly and efficiently before the problem becomes too large to handle on your own.

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