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Career As A Fashion Model Singapore

In Singapore, fashion modelling is an increasingly popular career choice. With a growing number of international fashion shows and local fashion brands, the demand for fashion models has been on the rise.

Fashion modelling in Singapore requires dedication and hard work. You need to be determined to succeed in this profession. It is essential to have knowledge about latest trends in the fashion industry. You also need to possess the right combination of physical assets, style, and poise.

As a Fashion Model Singapore one must have appropriate portfolios that show off their best features. This is important as it helps agents or employers get an idea of a model’s capabilities and strengths. The portfolio should include shots from different angles and close-ups.

In addition, models must be properly groomed and dressed for their photoshoots or auditions. A model should always look his/her best when presenting themselves to potential employers. This includes having a neat hairstyle, wearing the right kind of clothing, and taking care of any skin problems.

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