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Car Shipping: The Ultimate Guide

Shipping a car is one of the most challenging things, especially if you are doing it independently. Enclosed car shipping is an alternative that many people don’t know about. Still, it can be cheaper and easier than enclosed truck or enclosed train shipping.

What should I know about this?

Car enclosed shipping is not the same thing as enclosed truck or train. So if you are looking to ship your car across the country on a semi, then this article might be able to help you, but it likely won’t solve all of your problems. However, even if enclosed car shipping isn’t for everyone, it offers many benefits that people should consider before choosing an open transport option instead.

The first benefit is cost savings. There are several reasons why enclosed shipping will save you money over other options like enclosed trucking or rail freight. One primary reason involves insurance costs that vary greatly depending on what type of vehicle carrier service company ships your vehicle with and whether or not it uses enclosed trailers instead of traditional flatbreads.

The shipping process is also a little more streamlined and usually brings the savings advantage of being enclosed with it as well, since you won’t have to spend time at a port waiting for your vehicle carrier service company to load or unload, which can often take up an entire day depending on how many ships are in the dock.
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