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Can I touch her During a Strip Club Lap Dance?

Lap dance etiquette and touching policy are hotly debated topics among strippers and gentlemen’s club owners and staff.

Each club will have its general guideline regarding how much you can touch the girls. However, the female’s response will always be determined and what she is comfortable with.

Coming into a strip club will give you an idea of what to expect, and you’ll be able to sense the exact rules involving lap dances from the females and the hosts.

Before you begin touching your lap dancer, it’s always a good idea to seek permission. This encourages the female to be pleasant and at ease around you. She’ll admire your honesty.

If you want to leap before you walk, make a tiny move and begin caressing while waiting for the girl’s consent. That way, she might not get angry because you have asked already. More info here.

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