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Audiometry Baseline Testing: Beenleigh

Audiometry baseline testing Beenleigh: Audiometry baseline testing is a series of tests to establish the Audiologist’s assessment of hearing thresholds. Audiologists use this information as part of an Audiometric test battery which can be used for many purposes, including diagnosis and monitoring treatment efficacy. They also use audiometry in research on causes and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss.

1) Audiometers measure sound pressure levels at different frequencies with different stimulus intensities
2) Audiograms provide an objective indication of hearing threshold level
3) The evaluation process includes identifying audiometric data gaps

Audiometry baseline testing is a hearing test that Audiologists conduct to evaluate your hearing and balance. Audiologists use this test as a first step in diagnosing neurological disorders such as Ménière’s disease and vestibular problems and more routine cases of tinnitus, perforated eardrums, or other injuries. Audiometric tests are usually completed within an hour, with the results being sent to your GP for review.

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