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Attic Fan Installation: 3 Important Considerations

Many Attic Fans are made with the same basic design, but different manufacturers will have their own specifications that may not suit your home. There are three important considerations to keep in mind before you go forward with the attic fan installation:

1) Size – The size of your fan is usually measured by the amount of air it moves per minute. More powerful attic fans can move more air at a higher rate, making them ideal for larger homes or homes with high ceilings. But if you need a quieter attic fan, choose one with less power to avoid excess noise levels where people live and sleep.

2) Speed – Attic fans come at low and high speeds. There are pros and cons to both, which you should carefully consider before choosing one over the other. Attics tend to be stuffy even with a home’s windows open, so a higher-speed attic fan is ideal for quickly removing that stale air from your attic space.

3) Attachment – Attic fans are available in different styles for different home attics. Some attic fan models sit on top of your roof, while others attach to an interior ceiling or wall.

Attic fans are a great way to keep your Attic cool, but these just are a few important considerations you should make before installing one.

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