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Arizona’s Euthanasia Contracts: What You Should Know

Arizona has a history of being a very pro-euthanasia state, but a recent bill may change that. In April 2019, the Arizona Senate passed a bill that would require a licensed physician to be present for any euthanasia procedure and restrict who can administer the drugs. This legislation was met with mixed reviews from citizens and lawmakers alike because it’s not clear if this is a step backward or forwards for those seeking an end to their suffering.

1) Why is this important?

The short answer is that this bill has many people wondering if it will become a law and what the implications are. The latter part of that question may be harder to determine. Still, there’s no doubt lawmakers want more oversight on euthanasia procedures in Arizona.

2) How does Arizona per euthanasia work?
The bill has a few key components, including requiring a licensed physician to be present for any euthanasia procedure. This is meant to ensure the person requesting the drugs understands what they are doing and that someone who can help them if things go wrong is in attendance. It also clarifies that only a doctor or nurse practitioner will administer the medication (no volunteers allowed).

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