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90s Hip Hop: 3 Artists To Remember

Hip hop has always been one of the most popular genres in music. 90s Hip Hop was especially important because it is when many of today’s artists came into their own and were able to make an impact on society. 90s Hip Hops had a lot of talented artists, but here are 90s Hip Hop Artists that you should remember.

1) Eminem: The artist who would go on to become one of the best-selling rappers in history started his career with this album “The Slim Shady LP” with singles like “My Name Is.”

2) Notorious B.I.G.: Known for tracks like “Juicy,” this artist was the first artist to sell over 1 million copies without any radio or T.V. airplay.

3) Tupac: This 90s Hip Hop artist is known for his political awareness and was shot to death in 1996.

90’s Hip Hop is a great time in history for music, and here are three artists that you should remember from the 90s!

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