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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Natural Horse Bedding

Choosing natural horse bedding can be a confusing and challenging task, with so many options available. Some natural beddings may sound good in theory but not work well for your specific needs. So how do you choose the right natural horse bedding? Follow these three tips to make the process easier:

1) Consider what time of year it is – natural beddings will vary depending on what season they are used most often. For example, straw has more insulation qualities than hay during colder months.

2) Know your horses’ preferences – some horses prefer softer materials like shavings or peat moss. In contrast, others might like fir needles or cedar chips better.

3) Check out reviews and articles in natural horse magazines – an excellent place to start in your search for natural bedding is at a specialty store or consulting a vet.

Natural horse bedding is a great natural alternative to commercial options because it helps horses’ hooves and respiratory systems stay healthy.

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