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3 Things You Should Know About Placenta Vitamins

Many new moms are choosing placenta vitamins over traditional forms of vitamins. But do you know what the placenta is? If not, this article will give 3 things that every mom should know about placenta vitamin supplements!

1) Placental tissue is a temporary organ created by the placenta during pregnancy to provide nutrients and oxygen to the fetus.

2) The placenta begins producing hormones immediately after implantation in order to regulate blood pressure and prepare for childbirth. Also, the placenta helps the baby’s lungs mature.

3) After birth, the placenta is usually discarded as medical waste. However, some women have been choosing to ingest their placentas in pill form or have them encapsulated in recent years. Proponents of placentophagy (the practice of eating placenta) believe that consuming the placenta has many benefits, including increased energy, improved mood, and easier recovery.

In conclusion, the placenta is an amazing organ that enables nutrients and oxygen to reach the fetus and contains natural hormones that can be beneficial after childbirth!

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