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3 Surprising Facts About Summer & Fall Colors

Summer fall colors: Summer and fall are two of the most beautiful times when the leaves on the trees start to change color, and the weather becomes a little cooler. While many people think that the colors associated with these seasons are always orange and red, various colors can be seen during summer and fall. This article will discuss three surprising facts about summer and fall colors!

Fact # One: The Colors of Summer and Fall Can Vary from Region to Region

Just as the weather can vary from region to region, the colors are seen during summer and fall can also be different depending on where you live. For example, in northern states, the leaves might turn yellow or green, while in southern states, the leaves might be more red or orange.

Fact # Two: Summer and Fall Colors Can Depend on the Weather

The weather during summer and fall can also play a role in the colors seen. For example, if there is a lot of rainfall, the leaves might not turn as bright of a color as they would if it was a drier season.

Fact # Three: Some Trees Don’t Change Colors in Fall

Some trees don’t change colors during the summer and fall seasons. These trees might have green leaves all year long or turn a different color during the winter months. This can be surprising to some people who expect all trees to change colors during the autumn season.

In conclusion, summer and fall are two beautiful seasons with many interesting facts about them. By understanding these facts, people can appreciate the colors and beauty of these seasons even more.

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