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3 Steps For A Smoothie Diet Plan

Smoothies are one of the best smoothie diet plan recipes. When you are on a smoothie diet, it is important to have smoothies that will fill you up and help you stay healthy. The following 3 steps should be taken to ensure that your smoothie diet is successful:

1) Choose Your Smoothie Base – There are many options for smoothie bases, including fruit juices, yogurt or kefir, soy milk or almond milk, whole fruits (oranges), ice cubes…

2) Add Extra Ingredients – Once you’ve chosen your base ingredient(s), add ingredients like protein powder (to make sure your body has enough energy throughout the day), oats (for added fiber and nutrients!), nuts (for healthy fats), or cocoa powder (to make your smoothie chocolatey).

3) The final step is to mix it all together. You can use a blender, but if you don’t have one handy, an immersion mixer will do the trick quite nicely!

Once everything’s blended smooth, pour yourself a glass and enjoy that smooth smoothie!

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