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3 Simple Points You Should Know About Eyes In Anime

Anime eyes are a staple of anime, manga, and anime-inspired video games. They’re often over the top and exaggerated with many different colors to represent emotions. In this article, we’ll be exploring 3 simple points you should know about anime eyes!

The first one is that they tend to be bigger than real-life human eyes. Anime characters often have large, round irises that take up a good portion of their face which is different from what we’re used to seeing in the West with anime-influenced art styles like Disney’s classic cartoons and Pixar movies.

The second point is that they are often multi-colored, with anime characters having eyes that are blue, green, red, or any other number of distinct colors. This contrasts with most Western art, where the color palette tends to be more limited, and subtle shades are used for shading purposes.

The final point is that anime characters tend to have very long eyelashes on their upper and lower lashes. This is true of anime characters who are male or female, with most having long, thick eyelashes at the bottom that sometimes curl up slightly. In contrast, anime females tend to have significantly longer lengths on average than anime males.

In anime, all of these things are common and have been done so much that anime fans now expect them to be included as a matter-of-course.

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