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3 Factors That Affect Wellness

If you are looking to be healthy, it is important to know what factors can affect wellness. Your environment, your genetics, and your lifestyle are all factors that impact how well you feel. The following article will discuss three factors that affect wellness in detail.

1) Environment: Whether or not you live in a polluted area has the potential to change how healthy you feel drastically. For example, one study found people who lived near traffic had higher rates of asthma symptoms than those who did not live by busy roads.

2) Genetics: What kind of genes do you possess? This is something no one can control, but these things contribute largely to how well someone feels throughout their life.

3) Lifestyle factors: What kind of factors are you exposed to daily? For example, if one works in an office environment, one must take adequate breaks throughout the day.

While some things, like genetics, are out of our control, there are many factors we can change to improve our overall health. By being mindful of our choices each day, we can work towards a more Well lifestyle!

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